In any computational code, the verification and validation of the code is crucial; Biswajit at iMechanica describes one such verification process called the method of manufactured solutions, with specific reference to the elasticity problem.

While I wrote a code for the study of microstructural evolution in elastically stressed solids, I used the inclusion/inhomogeneity solutions of Eshelby, the hole in a circular plate under uniaxial stress, and the homogeneous strain in a system with misfitting, homogeneous precipitates  as test cases to check for the correctness of my elasticity code.

The verification process that Biswajit describes might not be easy to implement in a code of the type I wrote, I suppose–I do not think it is relevant even. However, for people who study elastic stresses in a macroscopic system, it would be relevant, and Biswajit describes the method rather nicely. Take a look!