C coding standards

July 16, 2007

Though not strictly for scientific computations, these might still be handy:

GNU coding standard

Programming in C

C coding standards:

A mathematics blog

April 15, 2007

A child prodigy, mathematician and Field’s medal winner Terence Tao has a blog called What’s new; via Biswajit.

Courses via scientists

March 14, 2007

Here is a Physics Today article titled Modern Classical Physics through the work of G I Taylor; via Alex Liberzon. I can also think of several more such courses — Materials mechanics through the work of Eshelby, Physical Metallurgy through the work of John Cahn, and of course, thermodynamics through the work of J W Gibbs. Interesting!

While we are on the topic of Taylor, take a look at this October 2004 issue of Resonance, which is a special issue on Taylor.