In Nature this week

August 16, 2007

  1. Formation of metallic glass in a pure metal:

    In order to form a glass by cooling a liquid, the normal process of solid crystallization must be bypassed. Achieving that for a pure metal had seemed impossible — until pressure was applied to liquid germanium.

  2. Ageing and cancer:

    At first glance, cancer and ageing would seem to be unlikely bedfellows. Yet the origins for this improbable union can actually be traced back to a sequence of tragic—and some say unethical—events that unfolded more than half a century ago. Here we review the series of key observations that has led to a complex but growing convergence between our understanding of the biology of ageing and the mechanisms that underlie cancer.

Update: Abi on a news report in the Telegraph about the Germanium metallic glass work (and also on “probably the only instance in science in which confusion itself is elevated to the level of a principle” 🙂