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15 Responses to “About”

  1. Subba Says:

    Dear Dr. Gururajan,

    Excellent work.

    Your blog is very impressive, informative and useful.

    Keep it up…

  2. random Says:

    sir could u increase the weightage mid sem examination?

  3. Student of mm301 Says:

    Respected Sir,
    I really enjoy in your class and like the way you teach things.
    But sir wednesday and friday morning slot which u have taken is becoming hectic.
    Earlier thry use to be off so life was quite good, but going class 8.30 on wed and friday becomes too hectic and as a result many of us miss ur class which we donot want to.
    Please take two hours class on wednesday day time. 2.30 to 4.30 1 hr lecture anotr hour tutorial. please sir if you can do so we will be greateful to you for the same.

  4. Student of mm301 Says:

    Hello Sir 1 more thing i would like to suggest .
    Sir, 50 marks for endsem are too much .
    If you can make it of 35 and , 15 for quiz1,&15 for quiz 2 and 25 for midsem..
    Or if u wish midsem of 30 and endsem of 40..
    50 marks endsem will be too much sir, please look into the matter.

  5. abc Says:

    Sir, please don’t take tutorial in your absence.
    IN tutorial I think you are the best who can answer to our queries.
    I personally feel that we don’t learn from the tutorial if TAs take it.
    It had happened earlier also.

    Please i request you to not to have a tut this Friday as you are not there.instead have a tut on Wednesday morning or sometime later in your presence please sir.

  6. mm 301 random student Says:

    the quiz paper was an utter disgrace.
    people who just mug up the solutions are goin to do extremely well in your course.
    i think, u should come up with new questions.
    to test our knowledge rather than memorising skills..

    • abc Says:

      Whosoever u are Mr random person, I think you did extremely poor in the quiz.
      Please tell me even a single question which was not conceptual.
      I did not do assignment and I just read notes and guess what am 1 amongst toppers.
      Shut your mouth buddy!!

      Sir, some people will keep complaining always.. please ignore this..


  7. random Says:

    @mm 301 random student

    • Mems Says:

      Dear Sir,
      Midsem was infinite tough.
      I did V Raghvan and even solved chapter 2 questions. but then also expecting not more than 10.


      It says.. The eight chapter of the book is on diffusion. If you go through all the solved and unsolved problems in that chapter, you will be able to score 100% in the diffusion section of my exams.

      I did it , but was not able to solve any question in exam confidently.
      I think that we are thought less in class like D* was not thought and many such things, that too I prepared but ….

  8. Meta Says:

    Almost half of the class is not getting what are you trying to teach.
    People attending lectures merely for the sake of attendance.
    Please stop and revise whatever have been thought post midsem.
    You can ask the class about this, I have surveyed amongst at least 20 students 18 of which unsatisfied.
    Please take care of this and have a revision session.

  9. Meta Says:

    can u please make it clear how much weightage will be for pre midsem.
    And the course is looking very tough, so please ensure that at least half of the marks for back questions from book and tutorial so that who really work hard dont get disappointment.
    These are my personal views.

  10. Student of MM301 Says:

    Dear Sir,
    end sem was once again v gud, i mean the quality of questions but little bit tough.
    Overall experience of the course was very good.
    Tutorials on the time with solutions , nice idea!!
    Everything went on perfect especially revision classes.
    Really good to see such a student friendly prof.
    But i personally think that course took a flight (v fast) post midsem and many lost interest bcz of that.
    Would love to have more courses under u.
    Yours sincerely
    MM 301 students

  11. disappointed Says:

    Sir, I accept ur teaching efforts but you are not matured enough. DOnt get carried away by the grade feedback. Why on earth we expect 15+ marks out of 40 in endsem. Jesus, we have already done diffusion&phase diagrams infinite times. What all I wanna say is that see how much time we spent(wasted) preparing 4&5 chapters and what we ended up getting questions from pre midsem.

  12. Biswajit Says:

    Ah, the struggle continues 🙂

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