Some papers of interest

August 26, 2011

[1] A dislocation density-based crystal plasticity constitutive model for prismatic slip in α-titanium

Alankar et al

[2] Structure and energetics of the coherent interface between the θ′ precipitate phase and aluminium in Al–Cu

Bourgeois et al

[3] Transient solute drag in migrating grain boundaries

Svoboda et al

[4] An extended Mori–Tanaka model for the elastic moduli of porous materials of finite size

Gong et al

[5] Shape evolution by surface and interface diffusion with rigid body rotations

Klinger and Rabkin

[6] Dendritic morphology of α-Mg during the solidification of Mg-based alloys: 3-D experimental characterization by X-ray synchrotron tomography and phase-field simulations

Wang et al

[7] Thermodynamics and kinetics of nanovoid nucleation inside elastoplastic material

Levitas and Altukhova

[8] A unified mechanistic model for size-dependent deformation in nanocrystalline and nanotwinned metals

Gu et al


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