Nanoscale twins and grain growth

August 23, 2011

[1] Tensile behavior of columnar grained Cu with preferentially oriented nanoscale twins

You et al

By means of direct current electrodeposition nanoscale twins confined within microsized columnar grains of bulk Cu samples have been synthesized which are preferentially oriented parallel to the growth plane. Tensile tests of the as-deposited Cu samples showed that yield strength increased with decreasing twin thickness, while the work hardening capacity and the uniform tensile ductility decreased at smaller grain sizes. Detailed microstructure investigations suggest that columnar grained Cu samples exhibit inhomogeneous deformation during uniaxial tension, where grain boundaries take much larger plastic strain than that sustained by grain interiors.

[2] A more accurate three-dimensional grain growth algorithm

E A Lazar et al

In a previous paper, the authors described a simulation method for the evolution of two-dimensional cellular structures by curvature flow that satisfied the von Neumann–Mullins relation with high accuracy. In the current paper, we extend this method to three-dimensional systems. This is a substantial improvement over prior simulations for two reasons. First, this method satisfies the MacPherson–Srolovitz relation with high accuracy, a constraint that has not previously been explicitly implemented. Second, our front-tracking method allows us to investigate topological properties of the systems more naturally than other methods, including Potts models, phase-field methods, cellular automata, and even other front-tracking methods. We demonstrate this method to be feasible in simulating large systems with as many as 100,000 grains, large enough to collect significant statistics well after the systems have reached steady state.


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