From Scripta

November 28, 2010

A continuum model for core relaxation of incoherent twin boundaries based on the Peierls–Nabarro framework

Dai et al

We present a continuum model for the core relaxation of incoherent twin boundaries based on the Peierls–Nabarro framework, incorporating both the long-range strain field and the local atomic structure. The continuum model is applied to the finite size effect of twin boundaries and interactions of dislocations with twin boundaries. The obtained results agree well with the experimental and atomistic simulation results. This model provides a basis for quantitative study of structures and collective behaviors of twin boundaries within the continuum framework.

The evolution of interfacial morphology during coarsening: A comparison between 4D experiments and phase-field simulations

Aagesen et al

The evolution of the solid–liquid interface in an Al–Cu dendritic microstructure is predicted using a phase-field model and compared to experimental data. The interfacial velocities are measured during isothermal coarsening using in situ X-ray tomographic microscopy. Good qualitative agreement is found between experimental and simulated velocities. The diffusion coefficient of solute in the liquid is calculated by comparing the magnitude of velocities. The phase-field model is applicable to much larger physical systems than previously tested, increasing its utility for studying coarsening.


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