Stress induced martensitic transformation and shadowing effects on growth of thin films

June 26, 2010

In situ TEM observation of stress-induced martensitic transformations and twinning processes in CuAlNi single crystals

N Zarubova et al

Stress-induced martensitic transformations and twinning processes were studied in thin foils of CuAlNi single crystals strained in situ in a transmission electron microscope. The nucleation and growth of the martensite plates were monitored for three transformation processes known from bulk experiments: (i) the transformation of austenite into 2H martensite at low-stress levels; (ii) the twinning/detwinning processes in 2H martensite; and (iii) the transformation between austenite and 18R martensite at higher stress levels. The morphology of the austenite/martensite habit planes was examined, and the existence of planar interfaces between a single variant of 2H martensite and austenite on the microscopic level was proven.

The role of self-shadowing on growth and scaling laws of faceted polycrystalline thin films

C Ophus et al

We investigate, via both experiment and simulation, the effects of self-shadowing on the growth of faceted polycrystalline thin films. Faceted aluminum thin films were sputtered and the anomalous scaling behaviour of their surfaces was characterized. To understand the causes of this anomalous behavior, growth of faceted thin films was simulated by coupling a level set construction to a ballistic deposition model. The angular distribution function of deposition flux was varied to control the degree of self-shadowing. We show how differing degrees of self-shadowing strongly modify film surface morphologies and compare these results with experimental findings.


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