Triple lines and phase field with nucleation

February 25, 2010

Four Questions About Triple Lines

W Craig Carter et al

The identification of triple lines as one of a hierarchy of defects is presented. There are several distinct cases of triple junctions, and these are sorted into classes. Viewpoints about open questions and directions for future research are offered, including 1) the effect of induced order on the structure and energy of a triple line; 2) considerations of interfacial (complexion) transitions; 3) suggestions of methods for the direct measurement of triple-line energy; 4) observations of the possibility of triple-line anisotropy.

Incorporating Diffuse-interface Nuclei in Phase-field Simulations

T W Heo et al

We propose a computational framework for incorporating diffuse-interface critical nuclei in phase-field simulations. Using a structural transformation as an example, we first generate a table of diffuse-interface critical nuclei. We then incorporate them in phase-field simulations through the explicit nucleation algorithm. The temporal growth kinetics of the introduced nuclei is obtained by numerically solving the Allen-Cahn equation. The results are analyzed by comparing to the phase transformation kinetics using the classical nucleation and normal growth theory and the Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami equation.


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