Some papers from Acta

August 27, 2009

[1] An attempt to correct the quasichemical model

M Hillert et al

[2] Continuum simulations of the formation of Kirkendall-effect-induced hollow cylinders in a binary substitutional alloy

H-C Yu et al

[3] Spatial correlation in grain misorientation distribution

B Beausir et al

[4] Effect of second-phase particle morphology on grain growth kinetics

K Chang et al

[5] Stress-driven migration of symmetrical left angle bracket1 0 0right-pointing angle bracket tilt grain boundaries in Al bicrystals

T Gorkaya et al

[6] Low-angle grain boundary migration in the presence of extrinsic dislocations

A T Lim et al

[7] Thin film epitaxy and structure property correlations for non-polar ZnO films

P Pant et al


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