Elastic energy contribution from core tractions to dislocations

June 20, 2009

Elastic energy of a straight dislocation and contribution from core tractions

E Clouet

We derive an expression of the core traction contribution to the dislocation elastic energy within linear anisotropic elasticity theory using the sextic formalism. With this contribution, the elastic energy is a state variable consistent with the work of the Peach-Koehler forces. This contribution needs also to be considered when extracting from atomic simulations core energies. The core energies thus obtained are real intrinsic dislocation properties: they do not depend on the presence and position of other defects. This is illustrated by calculating core energies of edge dislocation in bcc iron, where we show that dislocations gliding in lcub110rcub planes are more stable than those gliding in lcub112rcub planes.


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