Effective properties of composites

June 17, 2009

Composites with superspherical inhomogeneities

R Hashemi et al

In contrast to the traditional study of composites containing ellipsoidal inclusions, we highlight some calculated results for the effective moduli when the inclusion shape can be described by the superspherical equation, TPHL_A_402075_O_XML_IMAGES\TPHL_A_402075_O_ILM0001.gif, such that when p = 2 it reduces to a sphere and when p → ∞ it becomes a perfect cube. We consider the cases of both aligned and randomly oriented superspherical inclusions with isotropic, cubic, and transversely isotropic properties, and show how the shape parameter, p, affects the overall moduli of the composites during the spherical to cuboidal transition.

Phil. Mag. lett., 89, 7, 439-451, 2009.


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