Magnetism and microstructure!

May 23, 2009

[1] High saturation magnetization and microstructure in melt-spun Fe-P ribbons

R Gopalan et al

A high saturation magnetization, Bs of 1.9 T and coercivity, Hc of 0.5 Oe were obtained in melt-spun ribbons of Fe-0.63 at%P after magnetic annealing at 400°C. Transmission electron microscopy studies revealed the presence of coarse Fe3P precipitates in as-spun ribbons, while these precipitates were found to be finer in annealed samples. The coercivity variation in the samples processed at various conditions was explained due to the formation of the Fe3P precipitates.

[2] Molybdenum carbide precipitation in an Fe-C-Mo alloy under a high magnetic field

Z N Zhou and K M Wu

The molybdenum carbide precipitation during isothermal reaction in an Fe-C-Mo allloy was influenced by applying a 12-T magnetic field. (Fe,Mo)6C was precipitated at earlier transformation stages when the magnetic field was applied; but the carbides Fe3C, (Fe,Mo)2C and (Fe,Mo)3C were precipitated at earlier transformation stages when no magnetic field was applied. The observed results indicate that the precipitation of (Fe,Mo)6C is promoted whereas the precipitation of Fe3C, (Fe,Mo)2C and (Fe,Mo)3C are greatly depressed when a 12-T magnetic field is applied.

[3] Effects of Ti addition on the microstructure and magnetic properties of magnetostrictive Tb-Dy-Fe alloys

J A Chelvane et al

Alloys of Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.95-xTix were vacuum induction melted and investigated for microstructural features and magnetic properties. Ti addition aids in diminishing the formation of pro-peritectic (Dy,Tb)Fe3 phase at the expense of TiFe2 phase formation. The magnetostriction was found to improve with the addition of Ti. Ti addition was found to influence the saturation magnetization, spin re-orientation, Fe magnetic moment and Curie temperature of (Tb,Dy)Fe2 phase.


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