Stochastic and curvature driven grain growth

August 8, 2007

Title: Grain growth as a stochastic and curvature-driven process

Authors: Y. G. Zheng; C. Lu; Y. -W. Mai; H. W. Zhang; Z. Chen

Source: Philosophical Magazine Letters, Volume 86, Issue 12 December 2006 , pages 787 – 794


Grain growth subjected to the interplay of stochastic and curvature-driven mechanisms in a single-phase system has been investigated. Numerical results have shown that when the grains are smaller than several tens of nanometres the dominating mechanism is stochastic diffusion control of boundaries. As the grains grow the influence of the deterministic curvature-driven mechanism increases and finally controls the process. In terms of finite-difference solutions to the Fokker-Planck continuity equation, the predicted grain size approaches a log-normal distribution, which agrees well with experimental observations.


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