In Nature this week

August 3, 2007

  1. Baboons in social situations, and what it tells about us:

    First, they lure the reader in with wonderful anecdotes, such as Ahla, the goat-herding baboon, who spontaneously recognized the relationships among her goats, and compulsively reunited any lost baby goats with their mothers. Or there’s the orphaned baboon who, when separated from his group, cleverly spent a few days under the protection of vigilant groups of impala, and later vervets, before a jubilant reunion with his fellow baboons.

    Next they provide experimental evidence to tease apart what baboons really know about social relationships and how they use this information to get ahead in the world.

  2. Controlling intrinsic magnetic properties of materials:

    The presence of non-magnetic atoms can create a random internal field in magnetic crystals. Tuning that field from outside allows the intrinsic magnetic properties of the material to be precisely controlled.

  3. Domain wall movement in magnetic nanowires:

    When two ‘bits’ of magnetic information race around a nanoscale wire, two factors determine whether or not they survive the course: the condition of the track, and how fast they respond to the starting signal.


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