Cubic to tetragonal transformation

July 28, 2007

Title: The transformation sequences in the cubic → tetragonal decomposition

Authors: Y. Ni, Y.M. Jin and A.G. Khachaturyan

Source: Acta Materialia, Volume 55, Issue 14, August 2007, Pages 4903-4914


The decomposition of a generic supersaturated binary cubic solid solution into a mixture of cubic and tetragonal phases is investigated by phase field microelasticity modeling and simulations. It is shown that the decomposition in such a system is not necessarily developed by conventional nucleation and growth of the tetragonal phase. There are three temperature and composition ranges where the sequences of transient structures formed are different. The transformation pathways are predicted and the corresponding thermodynamic parameters are identified. In particular, the simulations reveal unusual transformation sequences occurring in the process of isostructural decomposition followed by cubic → tetragonal MT confined within one of the decomposed cubic phases. Mechanisms for the formation of the stress-accommodating multi-domain aggregates of the tetragonal phase and the checkerboard-like structures comprised of parallel rods of cubic and tetragonal phases are discussed.


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