Phase field study of elastic stress driven rafting

July 9, 2007

Our paper on rafting made it to the Articles in Press section of Acta–today.

Title: Phase field study of precipitate rafting under a uniaxial stress

Authors: M P Gururajan and T A Abinandanan

Source: Acta Materialia, Articles in Press, Corrected Proof


We examine rafting of two-phase microstructures under a uniaxial applied stress, a process in which a mismatch in elastic moduli (elastic inhomogeneity) plays a central role. For this purpose, we have used a phase field model of an elastically inhomogeneous alloy; elastic stress and strain fields are calculated using a method adapted from the homogenization literature. We have characterized the efficiency of the resulting iterative algorithm based on Fourier transforms. Our simulations of rafting in two-dimensional systems show that rafting (unidirectionally elongated microstructures) is promoted when the precipitate phase is softer than the matrix and when the applied stress has the same sign as the eigenstrain. They also show that migration (for both hard and soft precipitates) and coalescence (for soft precipitates) have significant contributions to rafting.


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