In Nature this week

March 8, 2007

  1. Here is an appraisal of the progress following the announcement of high temperature superconductivity twenty years ago. From the piece, it is clear that though the high temperature superconductivity research did not live up to the projections made then, we have come a long way from 30K to 164K. There are a couple of interesting links too at the bottom of the article; I especially liked this one explaining high T_c superconductors.
  2. A paper describing a new chemical fabrication methodology for reducing silicon from silica is the subject of this News and Views article:

    A simple chemical reduction process has been used to replicate intricate natural networks of silica at a relatively low temperature. The equally elaborate product is made of silicon — electronics’ golden boy.

  3. Anonymous insults — an article as to how scientific community has grown “nastier and nastier”:

    The nastiness, she said, manifests itself most often in the form of hostile, disparaging remarks in referee reports during the peer-review process — usually cloaked in anonymity.


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