Videos of bubble raft models of dislocations

March 6, 2007

Good quality videos of bubble raft models of dislocations and grain boundaries are hard to come by. Here are some that I managed to find:

  1. via Technorati I came across these two YouTube videos (I think the language is Polish).
  2. And, of course, googling brought me these two videos where dislocations are shown under tensile, compressive and shear stresses.

Unfortunately, I am not able to find any of these bubble raft videos of indentation online (which Prof. Suresh showed us in his talk at Department of Materials Engineering, IISc, Bangalore).

Have fun (and if you know of any videos, let me know)!


One Response to “Videos of bubble raft models of dislocations”

  1. Don Stone Says:

    Hi, In case you are still interested, I have placed a variety of bubble raft videos (including videos of rafts with “rocksalt” structure) and still pictures on the web. My graduate students and undergraduates made these. -Don Stone

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