Grain boundary migration

March 2, 2007

Low angle tilt boundary migration coupled to shear deformation

D A Molodov, V A Ivanov, and G Gottstein

Acta Materialia, Volume 55, Issue 5,March 2007, Pages 1843-1848


The shear stress induced migration of planar \langle 1 0 0 \rangle tilt grain boundaries in Al bicrystals was observed to be perfectly coupled to the lateral translation of grains. Boundaries with misorientations of 10.5° and 12.0° on one side of the misorientation range (0–90°) and 81.0° and 81.1° on its other side move in opposite directions under the same applied external stress. The measured ratios of the normal to the lateral motion comply perfectly with the coupling factors of a recently proposed model of boundary motion.



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