Lecture notes and thesis

February 27, 2007

Lecture 2 (pdf)
Lecture 1 pdf
Guru thesis

A TAblet welcomes you!

February 17, 2007

Welcome to my blog on computational materials science!

To paraphrase TMP Mahadevan (who called himself an Advaita Vedantin by training and temperament), I am a computational materials scientist by training and temperament.

I love spending hours in front of the computer; I love writing code; I love thinking about problems in materials science — specifically those related to materials mechanics, phase transformations, and modelling of microstructural evolution.

The blog posts here might be notes to myself; notes of talks and presentations; and/or, jottings from my readings. I might also post some of my codes and literature survey. And, the blog update frequency here will be a few posts per week.

See you around!

PS:- And, if you are curious about the name TAblet, a few of us trained under Prof. T A Abinandanan love to refer to ourselves as TAblets (a dimunitive of TAb).